About Us

Founded and incorporated in 2002, Clytan offers measurable business value to our clients in the form of enterprise application services with an emphasis on implementing CRM and ERP suite of software applications. More specifically, we provide in-depth:

  • Implementation Expertise
  • Business Process Best Practices
  • Systems Integration, and
  • Program Management Services

We provide expert services in the field of CRM Compliance Inspection Services. We have leveraged the ‘Clytan Inspection Compliance Model’ for the Laboratory and Waterworks Inspection Services at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, for developing the compliance strategy, business process re-engineering and system implementation. We also developed the CRM Centre of Excellence Strategy for the Ontario Government.

Vendor of Record

We are on the Province of Ontario Vendor of Records for the following:

  • General Management Consulting Services– VOR # OSS-076916
  • Project-Based I&IT Consulting Services – VOR # 1022
  • Task-Based Information and Information Technology (I&IT) Consulting Services – VOR # 1019
  • IT Management Consulting Services – VOR # 1023