Tools and Methodology

Project Management

Clytan has robust and comprehensive project management processes, foundations of which are based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). These processes have been successfully used for multiple projects for our clients

Our result oriented methodology contains tools, detailed procedures, templates and sample deliverables for creating project management deliverables at the various stages of the project. These project management tools assist in initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project. Its modular design maximizes the method’s applicability to most of Clytan’s projects regardless of size.

Project Initiation

Include the activities conducted at the beginning of each project phase to determine or reaffirm the management team and to document and approve the business criteria and strategy for the phase.

Project Planning

Develop and maintain a workable method for accomplishing the business needs and objectives that the project is undertaken to address. This includes the activities conducted throughout every phase of the project that identify and reaffirm the processes, practices, procedures, resources, schedules, and deliverables that are needed or expected for successful completion of the business goals and objectives.

Project Execution

Include the activities performed by the resources to prepare and accept the deliverables needed to meet the business objectives according to the plan and the activities to capture and report on the progress of the work planned.

Project Control

Include the activities conducted by the management team to monitor the progress of planned and unplanned work and the corrective actions taken to avoid or resolve performance problems that may endanger the business objectives of the phase.

Project Close

Include the activities conducted at the end of a phase or project to transition resources from the phase back to their normal duties and the activities required to end the phase or project in an orderly manner.