Supplier Collaboration

Strategic Sourcing
While strategic sourcing has traditionally had a strong cost reduction focus, it also recognizes the importance of building long-term relationships with key suppliers. Clytan can help you minimize waste or non-value-added costs through defining your sourcing objectives and developing a sound sourcing strategy.
E-procurement technology offers the potential for real and measurable benefits to business. Clytan can help you realize substantial benefits through the implementation of e-procurement products including lower purchase prices, faster purchase cycles, simplified processes, reduced administrative overhead, and better control.
Supply Chain Optimization
Improving supply chain efficiency can have a huge impact on profitability. Research has shown that supply chain costs, from product to distribution, can, in some industries, account for up to 80% of sales revenue. Clytan’s knowledge-base and wide range of techniques can be woven together to deliver balanced incremental improvements in all areas of the supply chain to help you achieve high performance.
Channel Development
Selecting the right mix of channels and optimizing their performance is a critical issue for many companies today. Clytan can help you define channel strategies and maximize the effectiveness of your partners. Assessing the performance of the channels, recommending alternative means of reaching customers and developing capabilities of our clients are important aspects of Clytan’s focus in channel development.